Lewis Street Studios     
    $ 1000 Weddings

Let me guess:  You have started looking for a wedding photographer and found that they cost more than your dress, venue, limo, bar bill and honeymoon combined. 
                                                           That it is insane.
You want quality photographs.  Photographs that capture the emotion and humor on  your special day.   (Yes, that's a  phrase I swore I would never use - but I still did) 
You would also like to afford a honeymoon.  Honestly - that's not too much to ask.

          I am not looking to charge you an arm and a leg (with or without a garter). 
                                   I have no hidden costs and no additional fees. 

You will walk away with a ton of beautiful finished photos that you can use any way you see fit.  We average handing you close to a thousand photos.  A thousand!  All finished, corrected, cropped, awesome and yours.   Honestly - They are yours !!!  I can print them and put them in albums - but I really think you would have more fun doing that, than me.

So ...........here's what you get:
Two Photographers ( Kristina and I) - For up to 12 hours.
Professional Equipment / Professional Results / CD's of finished images that you own / I look damn cute in a tie (willing to match color to bridal party) / Photographs that are beautiful, funny, sweet, often in full color / seriously - it's a bargain.

The Cost:  $1,000.  (period)
Consider it my wedding gift.

A few fun shots:.
8/16/14  "Phil & Kristina, We love you two so much!  I can't pick a favorite!  They are all my favorite!!  Thank you!!"
(A few of the 855 photos, from this love filled  wedding)
8/31/14  "WE LOVE YOU GUYS, SO MUCH!  Thank you, for all your help and for the most amazing photographs!"
(A few of the 930 photos, from this amazing day)
10/15/15  "We could not love these more!  You guys are amazing!"
( A few of the 1,218 Photos - love these guys!)
10/4/14  "Dude - You made everyone so comfortable and the photos are perfect!"
( A couple of the 780 images given)
7/11/15  "You and Kristina were just wonderful!  You are now our official family photographers!"
( A few of the 760, from this perfect day )